How to Prevent an Eye Infection from Contact Lenses

How to Prevent an Eye Infection from Contact Lenses
Posted on 09/17/2021

Millions of people wear contact lenses each day. And while they aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear, they can give people the freedom to see without the use of glasses. However, the use of contact lenses does come with risks, such as getting an infection. Simple poor choices can cause serious bacterial and fungal infections. At Country Hills Eye Center, we have come up with some tips to help you prevent yourself from getting infected.

4 Tips to Help Prevent Eye Infections

  • Don’t Sleep in Contact Lenses- This is the biggest tip you learn when you first get contacts. Sleeping in the lenses means that you’re getting less oxygen to the eye. This can lead to inflammation, abrasions, and infection to the eye because the eye is more vulnerable for bacteria to grow.
  • Stay Out of the Water- Whether you’re showering or swimming, it’s important to take your contacts off before you do so. Pools, lakes, and even hot tubs may harbor bacteria and microbes that can produce a serious infection.
  • Clean Properly- The most important thing to do every day is to thoroughly clean your contacts. Use mild non-cosmetic soap (fragrance-free) and wash your hands before touching your contacts. Lightly rub your contact to remove buildup. Always use the disinfection solution, eye drops, and lens cleaners your eye care professional recommends. Never use tap water to clean your contact because bacteria can live in distilled water, causing infection. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your contact lens case every time you use it with a sterile solution and replace it every 3 months.
  • Watch for Signs of Infection- If you notice anything suspicious, remove your lenses and don’t use them again until you speak with your eye care professional. Signs of infection can include eye irritation, redness, and/or blurry vision. Your contact and contact lenses might be infected. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and follow up with them if your symptoms haven’t improved.

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