Country Hills Eye Center provides a number of cosmetic services and treatments to allow patients to achieve the more defined look they were hoping for. One of our most well-known and clinically proven treatments is Botox. Our eye doctors in Ogden, UT offer Botox to patients for a number of reasons like reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, excessive sweating, head and neck spasms, and to correct a lazy eye. Although the most common reason to get Botox is typically cosmetic, your ophthalmologist in Ogden, UT may recommend the treatment to correct a specific eye condition.

How does Botox work?

Botox is essentially a relaxer. When it is injected near a muscle group, it blocks certain electrical signals that cause the muscles to contract. As a result, the muscle relaxes, and wrinkles in the skin smooth out. This is especially effective for muscle groups around the eyes that cause "crow's feet", as well as between the eyes and on the forehead. Botox is simple, safe, fast, and effective, especially when administered by a medical professional. No sedation or anesthetic is required for this cosmetic procedure so you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after treatment. Results for Botox injections usually last for several months. Ask our eye doctors in Ogden, UT about Botox today!

Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

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Brilliant Distinctions is a premier aesthetics rewards program that gives you access to savings on Botox and other Allergan portfolios of products. You can join for free and quickly start earning points. Simply register on the Brilliant Distinctions webpage. Through the rewards program, you can enjoy the following advantages:

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For more information about Brilliant Distinctions, please read through the Brilliant Distinctions Brochure and download the free mobile app.

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