Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Choosing the right Physician is key. You want an M.D. who is a board certified ophthalmologist and surgeon and, ideally, has completed a fellowship. Ask the doctor about his credentials and experience, and ask plenty of questions such as: How long have you been doing LASIK? What’s your success rate, and how do you define success? What are my chances of 20/20 vision? View the profiles below to learn more about our doctors here at Country Hills Eye Center.

B. Travis Dastrup, M.D.

B. Travis Dastrup, M.D.

Jackson Lever, M.D.

Jackson F. Lever, M.D.

Dr Rupp

Jason D. Rupp, M.D., PhD

Dr Swift

Jesse S. Swift, M.D.

Dr Church

Jeremiah V. Church, O.D.

Dr. King

Jonathan A. King, O.D.

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