At Country Hills Eye Center, you’ll find a team of trained and talented doctors. They can talk with you about the best laser skin treatments and make you feel more comfortable during your session.

As you age, you lose some of the natural skin elasticity you once had. This often results in fine lines and wrinkles appearing, especially around your eyes. Luckily for you, laser skin treatments work great at reducing the appearance of those lines. Before your appointment, learn the truth behind some of the myths you might hear.

Instant Results are Common

You’ll likely hear from some people that laser treatments work right away and that you’ll see results after a single session. The truth is that it often takes time for results to appear. It depends on your skin tone and type as well as what you need help with and the treatment you choose. In most cases though, you see results within a few weeks or less.

It Won’t Work on Darker Skin

Eye doctors in Ogden, UT professionals often hear from patients that laser treatments don’t work on darker skin tones. While this was an issue in the past, modern treatments work on all skin tones. The doctor can adjust the laser to work on your type and color of skin. Even if you have dark skin, you can still find a treatment that works.

It Takes a Lot of Time

Some patients decide against laser skin treatments because they hear that it takes a lot of time to get the results they want. Most of these treatments require a single appointment up to three appointments. Your doctor will talk with you about the results you want and decide how many appointments you need. Even if you need several, you can usually spread them out over several months.

Recovery Time is Long

In addition to how long it takes to get help, you might hear that the recovery time is quite long. In many cases, you can resume your favorite activities within a few hours or a few days. Finding an ophthalmologist near me, Ogden UT office helps you choose the right cosmetic services that have minimal disruption to your life.

Learning the truth behind some of the more common laser skin treatment myths is a great way to decide if this is the best option for you. Contact Country Hills Eye Center with any other questions you might have and to schedule your consultation for laser skin treatment.