Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment and Trusted Vision Care in Ogden, UT

One of the most commonly treated eye issues, dry eye, occurs when your tear glands don’t produce enough tears to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Tears are imperative to the health of your eyes, since they are used to both wash away debris from the eye, as well as sterilize the microorganisms that exist on the eye’s surface. When your eyes aren’t producing enough tears to accomplish this, a variety of irritating and even painful symptoms can arise, along with the risk of infection. At Country Hills Eye Center, we are a trusted center for dry eye treatment in Ogden, UT.

Symptoms to Look For

While the symptoms of dry eyes can vary depending on the severity of your case, there are many common signals to watch out for that can hint that it may be time to visit your optometrist in Ogden, UT.

While red, burning, or itching eyes can also occur due to allergens, the persistence of these symptoms could point to a more long-term issue that requires treatment. Luckily, as your trusted provider for vision care, Ogden, UT local Country Hills Eye Care can help determine if Dry Eye Syndrome is the cause of your burning, red, or itchy eyes.

Because tears are responsible for helping wash away the tiny debris that can become trapped in our eyes, it’s common to feel as if you have small pieces of sand or grit in your eye that you just can’t get rid of. Over-the-counter eye drops can help temporarily relieve these symptoms, but a more long-term solution can be found by your optometrist in Ogden, UT.

If you’ve noticed a sudden sensitivity to light that accompanies other listed symptoms, this can also be an indication of Dry Eye Syndrome. Though it’s not precisely understood why dry eyes can lead to sensitivity to light, it may be related to inflammation of nerves near the cornea.

Dry eye symptoms often become more pronounced for those who were contact lenses, since your contacts can also begin to dry out. Your optometrist in Ogden, UT can help by prescribing contact lenses for dry eyes, and by helping treat your Dry Eye Syndrome.

Get Quality Dry Eye Treatment in Ogden, UT

Don’t let Dry Eye Syndrome ruin your day ― find the right treatment for your dry eyes today. When you’re in need of reliable vision care, Ogden, UT local Country Hills Eye Center is the eye care provider you can trust. Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists specialize in many varieties of eye care and can provide the individualized treatment you need to improve your optical health and quality of life. Contact Country Hill Eye Center today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your visit. We hope to see you soon!