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At Country Hills Eye Center, we take pride in offering superior eye care to patients of all ages in Ogden, UT and  beyond. As your trusted eye doctor, we are committed to giving you healthy, happy eyes and flawless vision. One of the most basic ways we do this is through eye exams. During an eye check up, patients undergo a series of simple tests that allow us to determine the overall health of your eyes. Part of your eye exam involves a quick puff of air directly into your eye. Let’s learn why the eye puff test is necessary.

The Eye Puff Test

The eye puff test, called the No-Contact Tonometer, is part of regular eye care. While it may be uncomfortable, it is over quickly, and it is very important for ensuring healthy eyes. Your eyes are filled with fluid that keeps them inflated with pressure like a balloon. If too much fluid builds up, this high pressure can damage the optic nerve, which is what connects your eyes to your brain and allows you to interpret what you see. Optic nerve damage resulting from high pressure is a condition known as Glaucoma.

Glaucoma & Blindness Prevention

The eye puff test measures the pressure inside your eyes in order to prevent high pressure from causing optic nerve damage. Glaucoma is a gradual and progressive disease that causes blindness. It typically shows no symptoms and is very hard to detect. The eye puff test is absolutely critical to the detection of the disease and blindness prevention. Even though it may seem annoying and unnecessary, the eye puff test is vital to healthy eyes. 

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