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New Glasses for Going Back to School

With fall fast approaching, kids everywhere are making shopping lists and getting ready to head back into the school year. But besides the backpacks, binders, and books, there’s one thing most parents forget that should be on every back to school checklist: getting your child’s eyes checked. Undiagnosed eye problems can cause long-term problems at school, which means it’s crucial to ensure your child gets the treatment they need to excel. And as your comprehensive eye care center in Ogden, UT, we at Country Hills Eye Center are here to help. 

Getting a Back-to-School Eye Check-Up

Eyes and vision can change dramatically as kids get older, and often, these changes are too slow and gradual for kids to notice on their own. This means that without professional eye check-ups, sight disorders can go unnoticed and undiagnosed for years, causing problems ranging from academic struggles to difficulty in day-to-day life. 

That’s why we always recommend that parents sign their little ones up for a professional eye exam before the beginning of the school year. During this appointment, your child will meet with one of our Ogden ophthalmologists for a full examination of their vision and eye health. This exam will allow us to diagnose any sight problems your child may be experiencing, then provide them with a treatment that helps them see clearly that’s both comfortable and convenient. As a comprehensive eye care clinic, we offer high-quality eyeglasses and convenient contact lenses, giving your child the proper vision they need to excel and to thrive. 

Schedule an Eye Exam with Your Ogden Eye Doctor

Don’t let your child suffer from straining to see the whiteboard during daily classes. Contact us today to learn more about our eye center and schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. We may not prescribe treatment, but an eye exam will guarantee that your child has everything they need for healthy vision, full performance, and a happy, successful school year.