How To Keep An Eye Out for Glaucoma


In the United States, glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. At Country Hills Eye Center, we take glaucoma and eye health seriously. Our Ogden, Utah eye doctors want to ensure that all patients know the signs and symptoms of glaucoma and to come into our office if they are experiencing any of these issues. Our team…

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Can Wearing Makeup Affect Your Eye Health?

Eye Health

When it comes to makeup the main goal of wearing it, more often than not, is to look our best. Occasionally makeup is used to create some scary and unsavory looks, but no one wants to look like that because of an actual infection, allergy, or injury. It’s easier than you probably think to run…

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5 Mistakes by Contact Wearers


Contact lenses are one of the most significant advancements in eye care of the past 100 years. But despite the remarkable convenience offered by contact lenses, many patients fail to realize their full potential – and often, it comes down to a simple mistake. At Country Hills Eye Center, our mission is to help patients of…

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The Air Puff Test: Why It’s Necessary

Eye Exams,Glaucoma

Superior Eye Care in Ogden, UT At Country Hills Eye Center, we take pride in offering superior eye care to patients of all ages in Ogden, UT and  beyond. As your trusted eye doctor, we are committed to giving you healthy, happy eyes and flawless vision. One of the most basic ways we do this is…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

Eye Exams

At Country Hills Eye Center, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy healthy, crystal clear vision for the full extent of their lifetime. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of vision care services and eye treatments to patients in the Ogden, UT area, and why our eye doctors work closely with patients to create a…

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Corrective Eye Surgery 101


Superior Vision Care in Ogden, UT At Country Hills Eye Center, we’re passionate about healthy eyes. That’s why we take great pride in providing superior vision care to patients in Ogden, UT and surrounding areas. Our expert eye care services range from eyesight exams to laser corrective eye surgery to help our patients achieve crystal clear vision…

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Back to School

Eye Exams,Glasses

New Glasses for Going Back to School With fall fast approaching, kids everywhere are making shopping lists and getting ready to head back into the school year. But besides the backpacks, binders, and books, there’s one thing most parents forget that should be on every back to school checklist: getting your child’s eyes checked. Undiagnosed…

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When Should My Child Have an Eye Exam?

Eye Exams,Pediatrics

Your Premier Vision Center in Ogden, UT At Country Hills Eye Center, we are proud to be the leading vision center in Ogden, UT, providing superior vision care to help you achieve excellent eyesight. As a parent, we understand that you want the very best for your child, and that goes for all aspects of…

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Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment and Trusted Vision Care in Ogden, UT One of the most commonly treated eye issues, dry eye, occurs when your tear glands don’t produce enough tears to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Tears are imperative to the health of your eyes, since they are used to both wash away debris from the…

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Tips for First-Time Contact Wearers


First Time Contact Lens Wearers At Country Hills Eye Center, we’re proud to help patients throughout Ogden, UT and the surrounding areas maintain healthy eyes and crystal clear vision. We offer a wide variety of eye care services ranging from simple to more in-depth, but one of the most common ways we help patients improve their vision…

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